Old Vs New: Are New Clubs Really that Much Better?

From the latest in drivers, putters and wedges, golf equipment has come a long way. Is it worth investing in new clubs? Here are some thoughts first…

From the latest in drivers, putters and wedges, golf equipment has come a long way over the past few years. And with that, there’s always been a constant battle amongst golfers on whether it is worth investing in new clubs. Does it help the swing? Does it further your distance?

Here are some thoughts on whether old or new clubs suit you best –


In the Beginning

If you are new to the game, don’t be ashamed to get a set of used clubs. Learn the game, determine your swing and technique of the game without spending a lot of money. Also, make sure you are enjoying the game of golf before you commit yourself into buying new clubs.

No matter the price or age of the clubs, you must learn how to swing properly and make good contact with the ball.


Improving Your Game

Once you’ve mastered controlling your swing and perfecting your putting, meet with a professional for a custom fitting for clubs. With new equipment, you’ll need to adjust your swing and putts accordingly to the new fit. Many in the industry feel it is more of adjusting to new clubs than the actual performance of using new equipment that improves one’s game.


Ask the Pros

Make your way to Northeast Florida and talk to the golf pros at one of the area’s golf schools and meet with the professionals at the resorts. They are knowledgeable on the in’s and out’s of the latest gear and technology. They can help assess your playing style and suggest whether new clubs would benefit your swing.

And as the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Stick with what works for you. If you decide to skip buying new gear and clubs, you’ll have more money to spend on green fees and golf getaways.


Let Us Help Plan Your Trip

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