Golf Fitness to Improve Your Game

Here’s a look at how to maintain proper golf fitness a part of your routine to help improve your skills and overall game.

The Importance of Fitness in Golf

From lower back injuries, wrist sprains and tweaked shoulders, golf is a physical sport with injuries becoming more and more common even with the most-skilled golfers. It is important to get in (and stay in) shape; it is key for improving your game and overall skills on the course.

Here’s a look at how to keep good fitness a part of your golf game –

Perfecting Your Golf Swings and Range of Motion

A golfer’s swing and stance is an awkward position and affects the range of motion swinging the club through the air. Stretching and practice swings are key in helping to loosen the arms and motion. Spend time at one of the area’s golf schools to perfect technique and impact on your swing.

Exercises focused on increasing strength, stamina and power can not only make you physically stronger, but also increase the distance in which your ball travels too.

Back Strains and Putting

Lower back strains are common for golfers, due to putting stances. The weight of the body rests on the lower back when bending over to make that crucial putt. Core strength is key for minimizing the pressure placed on the lower back.

Think of yourself as a pendulum swinging back and forth with a rhythm and uncomplicated, easy motion. This will also help alleviate any additional stress to the lower back.

How to Stay Fit for Golf

In addition to good exercise, technique and control are key to perfecting your golf game. The TOURAcademy at World Golf Village focuses on every aspect of the game and includes instruction on quality exercises that can help improve swings and putting technique.

Plan Your Visit

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