New to Golf? Here Are a Few Basic Tips for Etiquette & Play

New to our game? Welcome! It’s unlike anything you’ll ever endeavor, that’s for sure. This wonderful sport is a game of traditions and respect -- respect for yourself and everyone around you. With that, comes a lot of unspoken expectations for etiquette and play -- even the simplest of which novice golfers might not be aware.


So if you’re new to the game and want a quick read on some of golf’s most basic etiquette and play tips, this one’s for you.  


And remember, at the end of the day, you paid the green fee to enjoy yourself. Get out there, make the most of your round and have some fun while you’re playing.

1. Don’t be that golfer. Repair your divot.

One of golf’s unspoken courtesies is to repair the divot your ball might have made. This is so you don’t cause the next golfer coming up behind you to have to putt his ball through the nice, little speed bump you just left for them on the green.


A small accessory to keep with you so you can repair those divots: the ever-faithful in name, “divot repair tool.” The PGA Superstore has scads of divot repair tools, by the way.

2. Try not to hold up the group behind you.

Keep a nice pace when walking between shots so you don’t hold up play. If a gap opens up between you and a golfer (or a group) in front of you, it’s a courtesy to call the player(s) behind you through, so they can continue their game without waiting.

3. Respect the course confines when it comes to your cart.

Keep the golf carts well away from the greens and obey all of the ropes and signs on the course where the facility wants you to drive.  

4. Keep the bunkers smooth.

After your shot, use the rake to smooth your mess in the sand traps, as well as someone else’s. This does a solid for the golfers following behind. If there isn’t a rake available, then use your clubhead.


Bottom-note: Use a FREE clinic when available.

On the second Saturday of each month, the PGA Tour Superstore in Jacksonville offers a free golf clinic for golfer of all skill levels. You can go and learn from instructors about some etiquettes they hold true. Also, they’ll tackle some common issues that golfers encounter during a round of play.


Now that you’re ready for your next round with, hopefully, some added confidence, start planning your golf trip to Florida’s First Coast. See golf packages, tee times, lodging and more.