Keep Your Golf Game From Getting Cold this Fall and Winter.

In Northeast Florida, fall and winter don’t seem to grab us by the golf balls quite as hard as they do in other destinations. During these seasons, it’s the perfect time to get out on the course along Florida’s First Coast.

Generally speaking, most people consider spring and summer the optimal seasons for golfing, but we’re going to highlight several solid reasons to embrace fall and winter golfing in Florida’s First Coast.


1. No Seasonal Lay Off

There's no time to let your golf game get stale. Northeast Florida is a true year-round golf destination, and our resident golfers and frequent visitors know that if they’re here. The perfect Florida weather gives them no excuse for letting their game get cold.


2. Fair Course Conditions

Typically you won’t experience bitter frigidity here in Florida. You don’t have to worry about harsh conditions causing your body to stiffen or your equipment to take a beating. Sure, you’re going to have some days that require wearing an extra layer or two, but you’re still going to enjoy yourself out on the course.


3. Fewer Crowds

During this time of year, golfers can make the most of the uncrowded fairways; take advantage of smaller wait times on each tee box and maybe take a little extra time with some of your shots. No matter the conditions, some people are going to treat the season as a hibernation period—it’s just that 'cooler weather' mindset. And we don’t mind it one bit.


4. Seasonal packages & hotels deals

Take advantage of discounted exclusive golf packages offered during this time of year. This means extra savings for you if you choose to golf in Amelia Island, Clay County, Jacksonville and the Beaches, Palm Coast and Flagler Beaches, St. Augustine or Ponte Vedra Beach.


Moral of the article…

Don’t be dissuaded by the fall and winter months here in Northeast Florida. You’ll get a one-of-a-kind experience out on the course, free from crowds and leaving time to focus on mechanical and fundamental improvement throughout your game.

Afterward, over a post-round brew, you can reflect on all of the awesome perks of winter golfing in Florida during this time of year—all the things the solely-summer golfers are missing out on.