Behind the Scenes at the World Golf Hall of Fame

My family weekend in St. Augustine was incredible and I’m eager to share our experience at the World Golf Hall of Fame because I don’t want First Coast Golf fans to miss out!

My family weekend in St. Augustine was incredible and I’m eager to share our experience at the World Golf Hall of Fame because I don’t want First Coast Golf fans to miss out!


Road to Rio: An Exhibit of Golf in the Olympics

To celebrate golf becoming a part of the 2016 Summer Olympics again, I thought it would be a great idea to spend our family weekend at The World Golf Hall of Fame at World Golf Village. The Hall of Fame showcased an incredible golf history exhibit titled, “Road to Rio”, that shed light on the history of golf in the olympics from 1900-1904 and the events leading up to the International Olympic Committee accepting golf back into the games. The famous professional golfer and course designer, Amy Alcott, who made a personal visit to this exhibit said:

“While I wish I would’ve had the opportunity to play in the Olympics for my country, being here at the World Golf Hall of Fame's Road to Rio exhibit is really the next best thing.”



A Showcase of New Technology at The PGA Tour Golf Academy

I totally geeked out at the PGA Tour’s showcase of new technology, products, and equipment in golf. Here are just a few incredible examples of the modern innovations I got to personally learn about and play with:

SAM Putt Lab: A state-of-the-art putting analysis system that teaches and correct putting, as well as provides club fitting. It incorporates 28 relevant parameters that provide a holistic putting analysis.

Trackman and Flightscope: This amazing radar technology (i.e. portable golf launch monitor or swing analyzer) is used for golf swing lessons, analysis and club fitting that takes ball-flight-monitoring radar technology and adds a second, ultra-high frequency radar focused exclusively on the clubhead. It’s a must see!

Fitting Center for PXG: This high-end golf equipment features patented technology, manufactured with premium alloys and elastomers. They are ridiculously expensive clubs, but I got to play around with them! Man, I loved this showcase!

Here’s a cool video that gives you a taste of the SAM Putt Lab:


Heading back to see “Sully” on IMAX

The World Golf Hall of Fame is home to the largest IMAX screen in North Florida! So, while the showing of the Suicide Squad was out for my family (we have little kids), I am planning to return to see “Sully with my wife on September 9th. This theater is huge, with a 70 feet wide, 5 story high screen! They play show everything from major blockbusters to educational documentaries too with crystal clear quality images.


And That’s Just What’s Happening Now!

If you are a golf enthusiast like myself but want to do something on the weekend that will please the whole family, you have to check out World Golf Village. It’s at the heart of the family-centered historic town of St. Augustine, minutes away from haunted ghost tours, a beautiful beach, and tons of kid-friendly sightseeing adventures. The village itself has dining options that range from pub food to gourmet Italian cuisine, and a beautiful AAA Four-Diamond resort, The Renaissance Resort with a complimentary shuttle service to and from Downtown St. Augustine.

There is more to do than I could possibly pack into one weekend, but for this golf-lover, whose kids are heading back to school this week, this was a final free summer weekend to remember!