Top Tips for Left-Handed Golfers

Attention lefties! We thought we’d gather some of the top tips and videos for left-handed golfers, and put them in one place for you. It can already be challenging enough to live in a world catered to the right-handed, (does anyone else hear a violin?) so, we thought we’d make things a little easier for you.

If you’re a left-handed golfer, you already know that certain things can be challenging on and even off the course. For instance, instructional tips and advice are (usually) written to accommodate right-handed golfers. We see it all the time, “Left-handed Golfers – just reverse everything…”

Also, any time one of your right-handed buddies gets new, top-of-the-line clubs, you can’t try them out using your natural swing. In fact, finding the appropriate left-handed golf clubs can be difficult sometimes, since a lot of retailers stock a limited amount of left-handed clubs. (It makes sense—supply and demand and what not, but still.)

Don’t feel deflated though. You’re in good company. Famous lefties include PGA greats Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson, Bob Charles, Mike Weir and the late Ben Hogan.

There’s even an association dedicated to this rare breed, the National Association of Left-Handed Golfers, which holds a championship tournament each year.

In fact, just this past summer, the European Tour challenged golf pros like Rory McIlroy and Henrik Stenson to channel their inner lefty in the “Left-Handed Challenge.”

So, take a look at some of these top videos and tips specifically for lefties.


Top Videos

How to Improve Your Bunker Play

Phil Mickelson shares a tip to the former commander in chief on how to improve his bunker play.


For Left-Handed Beginners

Watch how-to swing tips from the proper hand position to the rotation on the downswing.

(Tip: if you want to bypass the intro, skip to the 5:30 mark in the video.)


How to Make Crisp Contact with Wedges

The left hand only drill is an effective way to give you the sensation of a shaft that is leaning forward as you strike the golf ball.


Top Tips

1. Create a Power Release

Golf Info Guide writes, “Although power is built up through a complex combination of movements, using a stronger grip can create a power release.” See how to achieve this strong grip and learn the difference between it and a neutral grip here.

2. Conclude Swing with Full Follow Through

BB Golfer writes, “Left-handed golfers must try to conclude their swing with a full follow through, thereby leaving them on the balls of their feet. Why? Check it out here.


3. Left Handed Drill to Improve Swing Fundamentals

We hope this one from the Golf Channel isn’t misleading since the instructor is right-handed, but this video shows how swinging on each side can reset your brain and why it is beneficial in improving your left-handed game.

Don’t’ Forget the Golf School!

You can always improve your game with professional instruction at one of Northeast Florida’s golf schools. Seek out a golf pro that is left-handed—they can help you develop your skills and are more likely to understand your challenges as a left-handed golfer. Also, if you want to learn from home, be sure to check out the Golf Made Simple blog as well.