Top-Rated Golf Schools & Academies Along Florida's First Coast of Golf


Florida Golf School Vacations

We are home to some of the highest rated Golf Schools not only in Florida, but also in the US. Our schools have the top instructors and the most advanced teaching technology with instructional facilities located in the World Golf Village.

Plan your Florida golf school vacation and improve your game on top-rated golf courses with the following Golf Schools:

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    Golf Made Simple

    Slices, Worm-Burners, Fat Shots and Blow-Up Holes...Where does it all end? Florida's First Coast is home to one of the highest-rated Golf Instructional programs in the United States, Golf Made Simple (GMS). Out of over 100 Golf Schools in America, Golf Made Simple is named the 3rd Best Golf School by the Men's Journal Magazine.

  • PGA TOUR Golf Academy Instructors


    The philosophy of the TOURAcademy is built upon the concept of a total game experience (i.e., full swing, short game, and on-course instruction; club fitting; fitness). This experience is designed to improve every facet of the student’s game in a safe and nurturing environment.